Mick Evans



We have embarked on a new frontier in the 2019/20

season, we will merge 2 very traditional associations

and create the Perth Swan Cricket Association! This

marks a very exciting time ahead and one that we

should all embrace and enjoy.

We will endeavour to hold strong to our old traditions

and remember the history that has brought us to this


I am very excited to be elected as the President of

this great new association with plenty of challenges

ahead but also a lot of fantastic and exciting times

to follow.

We have a great senior leadership committee that

is engaged and motivated to make this association

the best in the land. We have Clubs and Presidents that are also passionate about the game of cricket and excited to move forward in a new and exciting landscape.

We will endeavour to create, as always, a competitive and fun environment where participation and sportsmanship are at the forefront of our agenda's  - not win at all costs.

We will play an active part in our community, driving fun raising, awareness and involvement where needed, remembering always we have an active role in making sure our community is well looked after and all levels of participants are actively pursued and invited into our clubs.

We will work over this season and next to create a pathway for T20 Cricket, Women's Cricket, Special needs and vets to educate the community that all walks of life are welcome to play the great game of cricket and at any level of skill.

I am very excited with the journey that lies ahead and I look forward to working with everyone from the WACA, PSCA Committee, Clubland to Joe Blogs the cricketer, to make sure this game we love is in the best possible hands. 

In finishing, thank you once again for trusting in me and I understand the role and responsibility that has been granted to me and I will act in only the best interest of cricket in the PSCA and beyond.


Welcome to the PSCA - come in and have some fun and enjoy with me this great game of cricket!

Best wishes & kind regards






Michael Evans


330A Grand Promenade, Dianella 6059

phone: 0423 052 882

email: info@psca.asn.au